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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Day 4 – Memories

Taking my Father out in my Hyundai Coupé
26th July 2008

Memories have been racing through my mind of sunny days spent with father – the above picture was taken by my mother outside their house at Holme. I was taking Father to photograph Green Tiger Beetles at Dersingham Bog. I remember the day clearly – we found one half way up a slope, but Father had a job to photograph it because it was too sunny/hazy. I took his hat and used it as a shadow to darken the picture and he told me I was a good camera assistant. I had no SLR and didn't take up photography myself until 2010.
Father at home in August 2014

Today has been pretty gloomy. I could have slept all day, but went over to Mother's fairly early this morning – cooked my breakfast and then just sat around. Mother had received a lovely card from Sophie and on behalf of the NOA and another from Pauline and Clifford Rumbelow, who live a few doors away. Local lady Marilyn F. popped in with a card and spent an hour with us, which was very nice of her – thank you.

Mother and I cooked a late lunch and then both fell asleep – when I woke up it was dark! We both talked through the decisions we need to make over the next few days, but didn't come up with any answers. I left to go home mid evening. I had a wonderful surprise of a 'Jacquie Lawson' E-card from our dearest friends Malcolm and Eileen White from Heacham – such a beautiful video and touching words with happy memories – thank you both so much xxx.

Tomorrow is going to be stressful. My sisters and I will be with Mother all day. We get the results of the post-mortem (if it is carried out tomorrow as they stated). The Funeral Directors are coming to chat with us in the morning. I had no idea how awful everything is when someone so close dies and the decisions you have to make. I have to iron Father's final set of clothes early tomorrow to give to the funeral directors.

Thank you all for the continued messages of support by email and social media – it is much appreciated. Good night.

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  1. When you lose your first parent there is a lot to learn. And I think the shock is much greater which makes it doubly difficult. Hopefully your undertaker will take a lot of the strain Which should allow you to grieve and to support mum. I don't think children really become adults until they lose a parent so you have that to adjust to as well. By taking it a day at a time you find a new normality. X